1-I’m looking for a therapist. Do you provide therapy?

I currently provide Life, OCD and Anxiety Coaching services rather than therapy. Coaching is a holistic and empowered approach that allows us to not only tackle your problems but also build the life that you want.  


2-Where do you practice?

I provide remote coaching services which allows you the convenience of calling or logging in from wherever you are. Our coaching calls can happen over the phone or on Zoom. You will also have a private client portal where all of the tools and resources we work with are stored.


In between coaching calls, you can write to me through the Client Log (accessed through the private client portal) to share successes, updates, or challenges. This allows me to provide ongoing coaching support for you in between our calls.


3-Do you take insurance? What’s the cost of coaching?

As I provide coaching rather than therapy, I am not able to accept insurance. However, I've tried to make my rates accessible. You can find the cost of each of my programs listed on their description pages. 


4) Is it okay for me to talk about emotional things in coaching? Can I discuss all areas of my life?

Yes, you get to bring all of your feelings and all parts of yourself and your life to the coaching process. No topic is off limits. However, some topics may call for more support than what I’m able to offer as your coach. If we recognize this, then we’ll brainstorm who else you’d like to add to your support team. At times, people benefit from having a therapist in addition to a coach.


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I struggled with debilitating OCD and Anxiety for 6 years before working with Cristina. Now, I can honestly say that I have tools to keep my OCD and Anxiety under control. More importantly, I also have peace of mind and the ability to enjoy my life again. What I loved about working with Cristina was how she made the process gentle, doable and empowering. She taught me how to be a loving coach to myself and to work with the parts of my brain that were misfiring. I no longer see my OCD as a monster that’s out to get me. I can simply say “that’s just my amygdala getting a little overactive.” 

C.B., Brooklyn, NY


When I started coaching,  I was not happy in my relationship or my job.  I felt trapped and had a lot of trouble imagining a different future for myself. The process of coaching was AMAZING! I felt extremely heard by Cristina and like she was able to imagine a future for me that I had yet to believe in fully, but eventually was able to find with her support.  Now, I’m 100% happier in my personal life, am in the best relationship I've ever had, and took the leap to start my own business.

-S. B., Brooklyn, NY