Free OCD Support Group

Every Thursday, 7:00-8:30 pm EST

Location: Zoom

RVSP by going to my Meetup group. Here you'll receive the Zoom link to each week's meeting. 


This is a free virtual support group for people living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This is a place for us to support, encourage and learn from each other. While this group is primarily for people with OCD, loved ones and professionals are also welcome to attend and receive support. This group will be facilitated by me--Cristina. I have the personal lived experience of having OCD and currently work as an OCD coach. In my previous career as a Clinical Social Worker, I ran many groups. So I wanted to bring my love and knowledge of group work to creating a safe, supportive space for folks with OCD.

Review Group Guidelines
Check-in about our Week (Sharing)
Announcements and Resource Sharing
OCD Q and A

Hope to see you there. 


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I struggled with debilitating OCD and Anxiety for 6 years before working with Cristina. Now, I can honestly say that I have tools to keep my OCD and Anxiety under control. More importantly, I also have peace of mind and the ability to enjoy my life again. What I loved about working with Cristina was how she made the process gentle, doable and empowering. She taught me how to be a loving coach to myself and to work with the parts of my brain that were misfiring. I no longer see my OCD as a monster that’s out to get me. I can simply say “that’s just my amygdala getting a little overactive.” 

C.B., Brooklyn, NY


When I started coaching,  I was not happy in my relationship or my job.  I felt trapped and had a lot of trouble imagining a different future for myself. The process of coaching was AMAZING! I felt extremely heard by Cristina and like she was able to imagine a future for me that I had yet to believe in fully, but eventually was able to find with her support.  Now, I’m 100% happier in my personal life, am in the best relationship I've ever had, and took the leap to start my own business.

-S. B., Brooklyn, NY