Life Coaching


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3-Month Life Coaching Program

You recognize that you need to make a change but are feeling stuck or terrified. Change is hard for all of us even when we know that it is positive. 

 In this 3-month coaching program, we will focus on:

  • Getting clear on your vision of what you want
  • Understanding and working with your fears
  • Creating your unique road map forward (based on your ideal timing/pace/process)
  • Creating a unique toolkit for your process (the supports and resources you need)

 This program includes:

  • 12 sessions in a 3-month time frame
  • A tool to help you prepare for our coaching sessions so that we can make the most out of our time together
  • Notes after each session to highlight your "aha" moments and outline your next steps 
  • Ability to write to me via the private client log in between sessions to share questions, stuck spots, and celebrations. 
  • Access to a private, secure client portal that holds all the resources we’ll be using in our coaching program.

Program Cost: $600/month 

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation call to see if this program is the right fit for you.



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Schedule a free 30 minute consultation call!

I struggled with debilitating OCD and Anxiety for 6 years before working with Cristina. Now, I can honestly say that I have tools to keep my OCD and Anxiety under control. More importantly, I also have peace of mind and the ability to enjoy my life again. What I loved about working with Cristina was how she made the process gentle, doable and empowering. She taught me how to be a loving coach to myself and to work with the parts of my brain that were misfiring. I no longer see my OCD as a monster that’s out to get me. I can simply say “that’s just my amygdala getting a little overactive.” 

C.B., Brooklyn, NY


When I started coaching,  I was not happy in my relationship or my job.  I felt trapped and had a lot of trouble imagining a different future for myself. The process of coaching was AMAZING! I felt extremely heard by Cristina and like she was able to imagine a future for me that I had yet to believe in fully, but eventually was able to find with her support.  Now, I’m 100% happier in my personal life, am in the best relationship I've ever had, and took the leap to start my own business.

-S. B., Brooklyn, NY