Meet Cristina

 Why I Started Helping People with OCD and Anxiety

I began OCD and Anxiety Therapy and Coaching because I wanted to create a healing approach that was kind, gentle, sustainable and empowering. When I struggled with OCD and Anxiety myself, it was so hard to find good help. I found treatment to be ineffective, harsh, terrifying and disempowering. I knew that there had to be a better way to heal. After working with 3 OCD therapists to no avail, I took a different approach and worked with a trauma therapist. As I applied the gentle treatments for trauma to my OCD and Anxiety, I finally began to heal and return to life. I realized that the world of trauma therapy and neuroscience had a lot to contribute to OCD and Anxiety treatment. I combined this with my background as a therapist and coach to create my own approach for working with OCD and Anxiety. Now that I’ve recovered from OCD and Anxiety, it is my greatest joy to help others find relief and begin to live again. 


Why I Started Life Coaching

After a decade in child and family therapy, I embarked on a new dream: ‘Work’ that was not only purposeful and rewarding but also FUN and that would allow me to more fully tap into my creative, playful, spiritual self.

I had over the years launched some personal dreams, large and small, of my own— including, serving in the Peace Corps; learning Spanish; finding that perfect job; joining a dance company; meeting—and marrying— the love of my life; and creating a life of balance and joy in the middle of New York City. I’d also found myself, time and again, informally midwifing the dreams and goals of my co-workers, friends, and family members: supporting them in writing books, dancing again, pursuing more meaningful work, and finding healthy relationships.  As a result of these experiences, I learned that I knew how to get others “unstuck” so that they could create lives of purpose, balance and joy.  

About Cristina

Cristina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and coach in NYC. She earned her MSW from Silberman School of Social Work and a BA in International Relations from Brown University. She has worked in family counseling, as a trauma therapist, as a social worker in a youth empowerment program for immigrant youth and as a trainer. Now she works full-time as a therapist and coach in private practice. 

Cristina is a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. Havening Techniques® is a gentle, neuroscience based approach to helping people to heal from trauma, anxiety or stressful life circumstances. She also brings her knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindful Self-Compassion into her work. Further, she maintains a mindfulness, yin yoga and aromatherapy practice and incorporates these tools with her clients. 

As a dancer, Cristina has continued to be interested in how the creative process can be used for transformation and healing. She studied Voice, Breathing and the Alexander Technique with the wonderful Jean McClelland ( She enjoys combining her knowledge of mindfulness techniques and the creative process to support her clients in getting unblocked and in flow in their lives. 




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I struggled with debilitating OCD and Anxiety for 6 years before working with Cristina. Now, I can honestly say that I have tools to keep my OCD and Anxiety under control. More importantly, I also have peace of mind and the ability to enjoy my life again. What I loved about working with Cristina was how she made the process gentle, doable and empowering. She taught me how to be a loving coach to myself and to work with the parts of my brain that were misfiring. I no longer see my OCD as a monster that’s out to get me. I can simply say “that’s just my amygdala getting a little overactive.” 

C.B., Brooklyn, NY


When I started coaching,  I was not happy in my relationship or my job.  I felt trapped and had a lot of trouble imagining a different future for myself. The process of coaching was AMAZING! I felt extremely heard by Cristina and like she was able to imagine a future for me that I had yet to believe in fully, but eventually was able to find with her support.  Now, I’m 100% happier in my personal life, am in the best relationship I've ever had, and took the leap to start my own business.

-S. B., Brooklyn, NY