Before coaching I was bombarded with OCD symptoms. I had thoughts that if I didn’t do something that bad things may happen. Walking outside was difficult for me because I experienced so many obsessions and compulsions. It was also hard for me to sleep comfortably because of my obsessions. One of my favorite parts of coaching was having session notes emailed to me after each session. It was immensely helpful to review and to do the homework. I also enjoyed the guided meditations. After 4 months of coaching, I now have peace of mind when I walk places and when I sleep. I no longer have so many obsessions nor feel the need to do so many compulsions. When I do have an OCD thought, I have tools to deal with it instead of acting on it. 

–T. G., Brooklyn, NY


Before coaching, I felt directionless because of COVID-related circumstances that were out of my control. I felt very isolated, but at the same time, I didn't feel completely safe reaching out to people within my social circle. I was constantly overwhelmed, and my mental health started affecting my physical health.

From the very first session with Cristina, I felt a genuine connection and a safe space to open up about my struggles. Cristina is an amazing listener - she always held space for my emotions and scattered thoughts. She helped me identify negative patterns and replace them with healthier coping tools and strategies. My favorite part was receiving her recap emails after our calls!

Through coaching I learned how to be kinder to myself - mind and body - and that in turn helped me reconnect with people and activities that are meaningful to me. I also gained the clarity and focus to pursue a new career.

Brooklyn, NY


When I started coaching,  I was not happy in my relationship and had to make a decision about staying or leaving. I was also extremely unhappy in my job and wanted more freedom, but was nervous to take the leap to start my own business.  I felt trapped and had a lot of trouble imagining a different future for myself. The process of coaching was AMAZING! I felt extremely heard by Cristina and like she was able imagine a future for me that I had yet to believe in fully, but eventually was able to find with her support.  Now, I’m 100% happier in my personal life and am in the best relationship that I’ve ever had.  I also took the leap to start my own business and day by day am getting closer to my professional goals. 

Sarah B., Brooklyn, NY


Before working with Cristina every creative endeavor I attempted started with a bang and ended with an "I'll finish this later". I never had a plan of action for any serious project. I turned 30 and reflected on what I had done with my life. I realized I had yet to accomplish something I really wanted to. 

Cristina’s feedback was the absolute best. I talk out my issues all the time, but its always to myself. Having a person specifically dedicated to hearing those things out was something I realized I really needed. 

Cristina has literally repeated my own words back to me and has sparked complete "eureka!" moments. I've made actual plans for pursuing something I really want. I am playing shows, I am writing songs, I am making a website, I'm actively organizing all my efforts to focus on a passion in my life. It feels tremendous.

Paul S., New York, NY


I've worked with Cristina on several projects and I am not exaggerating when I say that this woman has changed my life. In addition to enabling me to achieve some of my dreams, she helped me find a perspective that has allowed me to embark on a fuller and more exciting life. 

K. D., Brooklyn, NY


I appreciate the way Cristina balances talking through the big issues in life with offering really concrete, small steps for proactive changes. As someone who could talk about a given dynamic for years, analyze it backwards and forwards, and still not really find a way to act upon fixing it, I value that focus of hers so much: her ability to give me clear, actionable things to work on in the short term, even as I pursue larger, more amorphous long-term changes.

 S.S., Brooklyn, NY


Before I spoke with Cristina, I was having a hard time with blocks, scheduling/prioritizing myself and my own creative projects. I was also having a hard time voicing the issues in my relationship and how that affected my work. Cristina's past work with creatives and focus on removing blocks drew me to her.

My favorite part of coaching was taking an hour a week to just talk through and identify goals and accomplishments. Her positive reinforcement and concrete suggestions for reading and scheduling have helped me to be more open and honest with my partner, reflect on what I need to have a healthier creative and romantic life, and be ready to take the step to see a therapist in person. Cristina's positive energy and openness have made the next steps more exciting rather than daunting.

Gabriella M., Brooklyn, NY


Before coaching, I felt trapped in a job/on a career path I had worked so hard for but did not enjoy at all. I worried too much about what other people (from family members to co-students, teachers and work colleagues) thought of me and spent all my time/energy seeking their approval. Cristina’s outside perspective helped me see a way around obstacles that I never could have seen alone. The call notes were so helpful! It was great to get things off my chest / being able to ramble on about certain issues and then have someone else organize my thoughts in a concise and structured way. Now I’m so much more the “real me” and have freed myself from all the "shoulds" that were blocking me. I’ve stopped letting other people's opinion (real or imagined) control me, have learned new ways of thinking/doing things and have opened myself up to new experiences.

Natalie S., Brooklyn, NY

Before coaching, I felt very stuck, depressed, confined and stifled in my life. I could not see a way forward.  Though I had many ambitions, I felt intimidated by pursuing them and felt like they were miles away and unattainable. After my initial session with Cristina, I knew that she would be able to help me get through this moment into something brighter. I came to coaching expecting a lot of rules and homework, but was really amazed and heartened by how gentle and compassionate the process was. I loved being guided to my own answers and having my own inner knowledge encouraged and my confidence in my own intuition strengthened.

After 3 months of coaching, I have my first client for my business! I am actively making strides forward on my goals, am kinder and more encouraging to myself, and feel more open in my creative practice. I now recognize that the things within me which are unique are my gift to the world. And that cultivating my uniqueness is what will bring me success and freedom.

C.S., Brooklyn, NY 


I started coaching because telling white lies was affecting my identity and my relationships. I realize now that I was using lies to hide my real self from the world.  I wasn't being empathetic in my relationships. In a way, I was being selfish which was actually negatively impacting myself. I was also having problems with people at work.

My favorite part of coaching was that it was a process. It wasn't just a next-day transformation. I learned a lot about myself throughout the process and every piece of advice Cristina gave me was a new piece of information that helped me better understand my self. Since working with Cristina, my relationships have improved, with family and friends. I'm more empathetic and am trying to be more considerate of others.

D.M., NY


 I started working with Cristina shortly after I had my baby. What some refer to as the “fifth trimester” was a particularly hard time for me. I was struggling with a lot of anxiety trying to figure out how to reintegrate back to my career as a freelancer in an industry I didn’t like. 
My goals, strategies and feelings changed a lot in the period I was working with Cristina. Throughout, I found her to have an incredible capacity to create a space for me to process my feelings. She listened earnestly and compassionately, adapted our process whenever necessary and offered advice honestly and unpretentiously.  After each session, I felt heard and clear headed. 
At the end of our process, I was at a much better place where I found myself much more capable of being patient and compassionate towards myself. And that’s exactly what I needed. 
S.P., Brooklyn, NY




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I struggled with debilitating OCD and Anxiety for 6 years before working with Cristina. Now, I can honestly say that I have tools to keep my OCD and Anxiety under control. More importantly, I also have peace of mind and the ability to enjoy my life again. What I loved about working with Cristina was how she made the process gentle, doable and empowering. She taught me how to be a loving coach to myself and to work with the parts of my brain that were misfiring. I no longer see my OCD as a monster that’s out to get me. I can simply say “that’s just my amygdala getting a little overactive.” 

C.B., Brooklyn, NY


When I started coaching,  I was not happy in my relationship or my job.  I felt trapped and had a lot of trouble imagining a different future for myself. The process of coaching was AMAZING! I felt extremely heard by Cristina and like she was able to imagine a future for me that I had yet to believe in fully, but eventually was able to find with her support.  Now, I’m 100% happier in my personal life, am in the best relationship I've ever had, and took the leap to start my own business.

-S. B., Brooklyn, NY